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Private Tails

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Private Tails is an International Burlesque Performer based in the DC Metro Area.

PT 2014 Profile FansWith over 100 polished acts in her repertoire, Private Tails has established herself as an alternative style and enjoys mixing it up. She has put together numbers that draw from classical burlesque, hip-hop, boi-lesque, Broadway and more. As burlesque is the “Art of the Tease,” she doesn’t have show a lot of skin to have an entertaining performance.  She cleans it up every year as the emcee of Washington DC’s Youth Pride every April, and she goes all out for the mature audience.Private Tails is an International Avant-Garde, Burlesque Extraordinaire. Based in the Washington D.C area, she has been performing burlesque since 2005. She is currently in charge of the DC Regional Burlypicks! Prior to her burlesque debut, Private Tails was no stranger to the stage. She received a double bachelor’s degree in Theater for both Acting and Directing from Lycoming College, the accredited Liberal Arts post-secondary school in Williamsport, PA and she has been dancing and entertaining since childhood.

The photos and large crowds she draws prove that this performer has talent. She knows how to charm the large bills out of the pockets of her audience and the prosperity is spread to the hosting venue.

Private Tails is a seasoned performer who can be ready for a show in as little as day, by pulling a gem from her tiaras of experience. She also enjoys the creative process in developing new numbers and looks forward to the opportunity to whip up a fresh new performance. She is Miss Gay United States Capital City Femme Fatale (2013), the First Miss Phase 1 (2010) since the revival, and the eternal Miss Nubian DMV (2009).

Please take a look at her calendar to come see her perform or for information on booking availability!

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